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We believe in communication, trust, and teamwork to build an ideal work environment


A Vision is something that looks forward and sees that which we should or shall be.


We offer opportunity for rapid growth in our company, and we are always looking for the next success story.

Who we are

As I'm sure you have seen many times already we are a family.

But I'm sure you are asking "What does that entail? And who does that include?"
Well let me fill you in a little; We are a team of people who all started just like you, at the very bottom; servers, closers, cleaners and the like. But with a little time and a lot of hard work, we took what some might consider a job to "just get by" or "make ends meet", and we have each made a career out of it. "I tried college but I was working two jobs, 5 days as a closer at Burger King making $1.65 per hour, and two nights as a short order cook in a beef and ale house ...  I could only last two months in college because of the workload, It was work or not eat so there really wasn't a choice ... I worked my senior year of  high school, I turned eighteen in October and we were so desperate for money that I closed on my birthday as it was the first night I was legal to close."  And that is the beginning of just one of many of our success stories. So don't be intimidated, cause now we are here to help you succeed the same as we did!



JoJo’s with the combined efforts of our management and leadership shall, work in a manner that provides and ensures the achievements as follows:
1) Every guest that walks through our doors will leave saying “WOW”, and find us the “first choice” for dining in our community.
2) Co-workers and management will find us to be the “employer of choice” in our segment and within our community.
3) That God will bless our efforts as we remember to seek his counsel in all that we strive to accomplish, and remember to offer our thanks for his continued blessing of our business and lives.



Think we are right for you? Apply online today for our Salisbury location. We are always hiring crew, cooks, and managers. The more experience the better!

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